About CorpJurist

CorpJurist the only tool you’ll ever need to handle legal work of your company

Most of the companies, large or small, are facing similar challenges when it comes to legal work in their organization – It is expensive, inefficient and does not scale well with the business. These challenges are a result of a fragmented process and documents coupled with a workflow and/or requirements of the laws. Most of the companies solve the problem by hiring a lawyer or administrative employee to handle the legal work. These new additions to the company will be able to handle the challenges to a certain level and you’ll need to keep adding people to simply handle the similar tasks. 

Before you know it, your documents/agreements will be all over the place, the cost to keep up with paperwork inevitably increases to an alarming level and at the same time slows you down and creates bad experiences for your employees and customers alike.

Well, it doesn’t have to be like that….

Most of the legal work consists of documents, workflows as required by internal policy or the laws and processes. CorpJurist combined these elements together resulting in a streamlined, comprehensive and easy to use tool which allows you to manage your legal work much more efficiently and helps reduce the risk from human errors.

Not only the Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) system, CorpJurist had a vision to provide the completed tool for management of every aspect of legal work of the company, from Company Secretary works (EGMs/AGM management, shareholder management), PDPA (RoPA, policies management, PDPA documentations, Data Subject Rights Management), HR (applicant and employee onboarding system, compliances), IP Management (filing management system, compliance and annual fee management).

Our team

Parin Kienthong


  • 10+ years practicing and provide legal advice on Corporate laws, Intellectual Property, Investment and general law for startups, SMEs and list companies.
  • Patent Agent

Kittinun Chobtham


  • +6 years experienced software developer
  • IOS developer

Pathawi Vichian

Back-end Developer

  • 3+ years experience

Yoothana Praboontarik

Front-end Developer

  • 2+ years experience

Thitiwudh Uasmith

Software Development Team Lead

  •  5 years+ experience in Unity and Python
  • teaching fundamental programming
  • production commercial software interfacing and integration (e.g. Maya, Nuke, Silhouette FX)