Because your business runs on contracts

Contracts are tools and place where you and your business partners, customers and people around your business laid down their expectation from the other party. The terms and conditions of your contracts are vital to the management of your business at the same time provides protections against unnecessary risks that comes with the respective transaction.

In the modern world, efficiency is a core of every successful business, and the old school way of doing contracts just doesn’t cut it. The cumbersome processes, pen-and-paper only added cost and requires a lot of resource (time and money) to manage.

“Your business need a better tool to get things done fast, secure and efficient”

CorpJurist CLM, the only tool you’ll need for your contract operation

Our CLM solution provide your business with the ability to create, sign and manage the contract of your company with ease, all-in-one platform. CorpJurist functionality designed by experienced legal experts and allow you to;

  • create contracts from the pre-approved template, reduce the risk of making mistake using old template.

  • e-sign any contracts or document from anywhere from our highly secured e-signature tools with encryption to prevent unauthorized modification to the file

  • safekeeping all of your important contracts with automatic reminder system and contract-at-a-glance module to see important information without go through the entire contract.

e-signature integrated for minimum friction and maximum efficiency

Built-in advance e-signature system

Our platform comes with built-in e-signature system so you can e-sign any contract in one platform, no need to download and upload to other platform, no wasted time.

Encrypted file to provide extra security for superior credibility

All contract signed via CorpJurist’s e-signature solution will be encrypted and prevent and track any unauthorized changes to the files. An audit report will be provided for every contract as a method of verifying signer’s identity, ensure maximum credibility.

Important information, at a glance

when contract are created securely e-sign on CorpJurist’s platform, the system will automatically safekeep it for you. When you need to refer to important details in the contracts, all you need to do is have a glance at our document dashboard, no need to scroll down through pages anymore.

Begin your legal digitization today, before the world out run you.