Digitization of your legal work operation

E-Signature integrated

Our system already comes with advanced e-Signature system. You do not need to upload/download your documents/contract to and from multiple platform anymore when you can do it all at CorpJurist

Designed by expert

With more than 10 years of experience of our expert, we understand your needs and pain points and best practice of corporate legal work management.

Workflow and Document

Our integrated workflow designed to let you spend as less resources (time and money) as less as possible while maintain maximum security, compliance and agility.

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One platform all solution

Contract Lifecycle Management

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) allow you to easily create, sign and manage document and contracts in your company, all-in-one place. You can create document and/or contract with only a fraction of time you traditionally spent, electronically sign and document/contract, safely store on our cloud storage with automatic important date notification system.

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Personal Data Protection Law Compliance

Thai Personal Data Protection Law (PDPA) required business to comply with many requirements such as Privacy policy, consent and Record of Processing Activities (RoPA) and also required that businesses dealing with personal data must provide a way for Data Subject to exercise their rights. Corpjurist PDPA compliance module allow businesses to stay in compliance while reduce the administrative cost.

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Company Secretary Management

Company secretary works is vital for the operation and transparency of the your company. From organizing shareholders’ meeting, minutes of meetings to shareholders’ paperwork (share transfer instrument, share certificates and share register).

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HR Legal Management

HR legal management can be challenging. Our tool will help you handle the entire process from recruit to employment agreement and Labor law compliance. Agreement templates and compliance automation module such as labor law compliance (i.e. employee register) and PDPA compliance (i.e. privacy policy, consent form and RoPA) will save you a lot of time and resource.

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the differences you can make

No paper needed

Our solution replaced 100% use of paper, contributing to your sustainability effort for the better environment. 

Scalable with less cost

Legal works will be more complicated as your company grow. CorpJurist can easily scale its operation in accordance with your business with far less cost than the traditional solution.

90% less time

because time is money, our solution will let you achieved the same result while spending 90% less time. Less time to spend, more work can be done in the same timeframe, tremendously save your time and your money.

Comply with the laws

Our automation system designed by experienced lawyers to keep your company in compliance at all time. The automation will reduce your administrative burden hence reduce the need to hire administrative staff.

Begin your legal digitization today

The world is moving at lightning speed and you need tools to accelerate your legal operation and enable your business to keep pace with the world.