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In recent years, digital infrastructure has become vital to a lean and effective organization around the world.

With years of experiences, we designed CorpJurist to handle every aspect of your legal works with less time, manpower and budget. From Contract Lifecycle Management, PDPA Management, HR legal (documentation and compliance) to Company Secretary, you can manage your legal works online from everywhere. Our software were built to accommodate fast turnaround time at the same time using less resource and this will enable your legal operation scale and keep pace with the growth of your business.

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Modules of our software

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Our CLM designed to handle your document/agreement from creation, execution all the way to storage and management. No more upload/download of document from one platform to the other when you can do it all in Corpjurist’s CLM.

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HR legal management & compliance

HR legal management can be challenging. Our tool will help you handle the entire process from recruit to employment agreement and Labor law compliance. CorpJurist designed by experts to keep your HR legal operation lean and always in compliance.

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PDPA Management

Thai Personal Data Protection Law (PDPA) required business to comply with many requirements such as Privacy policy, consent and Record of Processing Activities (RoPA) and also required that businesses dealing with personal data must provide a way for Data Subject to exercise their rights. Corpjurist PDPA compliance module allow businesses to stay in compliance while reduce the administrative cost.

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Company Secretary

Company secretary works is vital for the operation and transparency of the your company. From organizing shareholders’ meeting, minutes of meetings to shareholders’ paperwork (share transfer instrument, share certificates and share register). In addition, our system will provide a channel where you and your shareholder can have access and exercise their rights within the company, in a few clicks away.

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Additional Services

Legal Engineering Service

Our team of experts, lawyer and software develops will help diagnose your legal operation to identify inefficiency in the process as well as regulatory compliance issues, and also design workflows, built the digital infrastructure based on CorpJurist’s cloud based system to increase efficiency and reduce cost of operation.

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In the organization that move fast, we can you and your team to get familiar with CorpJurist platform. The services including seminar or in house training and training the trainer

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